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The information on this page is no longer being updated or maintained. It has been divided into new categories, and it is built and edited using new software.

If you are searching for our Products and Services, they are now found on the following links:

Our book, "Feeding Ourselves - The Four-Season Pantry from Plant to Plate"
Our book, "Planetary Patterns - A Dowser's Survey of Earth Energies"
Our book, "Peoples' Power Primer - Renewable Energy for the Technically Timid"
Stainless Steel Screen ordering information
Soil Dynamics Literature & Soil Testing Recommendations
Geopathic Energy Remediation Services

The following information is still posted for historical purposes only.

Our Products and Services:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

While we firmly doubt that anyone can simply buy a sustainable lifestyle "off the shelf", we do offer a few select products and services which we think will make the path easier. These include:

  • Self-published books,
  • Stainless steel screens for food drying
  • Downloads which required too much labor to be free,
  • Various hard-to-find services in which we specialize.

Our three books:

The following three books are self-published and are available individually or, if you contact us (at our secure account, listed as "bobdowser"), we offer quantity discounts and include only the actual shipping costs on both quantity and book set orders (if you want one of each, for example).

Planetary Patterns - A Dowser's Survey of Earth Energies

Partly as a service to my energy remediation clients, and partly as a reminder to myself (my memory has never been the greatest, except for numbers), after a few years of field research using dowsing and divination, I found it necessary to publish a book specifically on Earth Energies. The reference to patterns in the title comes from the inspiration I got in reading Guy Underwood's book, "Pattern of the Past". Guy dealt mainly with the unique patterns he was finding while dowsing archaeological sites in England. I've found that almost every Earth Energy has a unique pattern that I call its "signature". Now in its second edition, Planetary Patterns covers the usual stuff found online or in other books on the subject, plus corrections on that data and loads of additional information. It also includes extensive and exclusive descriptions of many other Earth Energy patterns that are either new or, perhaps, lost and rediscovered. There is a chapter dealing with what I call the Spherical Field surrounding all physical objects. This field is used as a theoretical foundation for finding what sort of effect a particular energy pattern has on humans. All of the formations and pathways are shown in full-page, 2-D or 3-D illustrations to help you visualize this hard-to-imagine stuff. And if you need updates for anything I've found since publications, just check the Earth Energies page at the left. Whatever's not in the book is there, and vice versa.

To see an Adobe PDF file (requires Adobe Reader, available free above) of the table of contents, Click Here.

From the back cover of Planetary Patterns: It's about energy, Earth Energy. It's not man-made, and there are dozens of types, covering the entire planet. They flow upward, downward, or across the Earth's surface, but you can't see them. Some are entirely favorable to living things, or geobeneficent. Others are quite stressful, or geopathic, adding to all the other environmental and emotional strains we're subjected to. Spend a lot of time in geopathic zones and you'll probably get sick. But if you can avoid these spots, or find someone who knows how to dissipate or deflect the harmful energies, you'll soon feel better and get better. Wild animals and a few peculiar people, such as myself, can do something you've probably lost the knack for: geomancy, or using specialized senses to discern between helpful and harmful Earth Energies. Proper training and persistence can help you regain your dormant abilities. But in the meantime, isn't it nice to know that somebody else went through the trouble to catalog the unique patterns, or signatures, of all these formations? That's what you're now holding. And if you don't believe in any of this, that's quite O.K. I didn't either, until I learned how to find, figure out, and fix these things. Either way, the Earth will continue to exhibit these patterned energy fields. So if you're willing to learn more, please read onward and prepare to have your beliefs challenged!             128 pages, with extensive illustrations.

  • Purchasing Information on "Planetary Patterns":
    Physical Copies of the Second Edition of Planetary Patterns 
    (above) cost $17.75 each, postpaid in the U.S. (please add $1.22 for sales tax if you order in Minnesota), or $15.00 plus shipping elsewhere in the world. Contact us for international shipping rates. For all others please send a personal check, traveler's check or postal money order to:

Geopathfinder/Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk                                                                                                                                              30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
Winona, Minnesota, USA  55987-5651

OR: To order a physical copy of the above book using PayPal, Click Here.  Clicking this takes you (very slowly if you have a dial-up connection!) to a new screen with a "Buy Now" button, and this links to PayPal's order form where you can pay by credit card, checking account, or an existing PayPal account balance.

OR: To order a downloadable Adobe PDF file of the above book for about half price ($8.75), Click Here. (Requires Adobe Reader) Clicking this takes you (very slowly if you have a dial-up connection!) to PayPal's order form and linking you to the download on This download is an 8.33 MB file, so on some slower connections it may take a while.

We are PayPal "Verified" sellers, meaning that your transactions on our site are secure and that PayPal stands behind you as a buyer should you, for any reason, be disappointed with your purchase. PayPal allows you to order stuff securely online using most credit cards, or, if you set up a PayPal account, even your checking account.

More Books:

Feeding Ourselves - The Four-Season Pantry from Plant to Plate

Lots of folks have either downloaded or purchased a hard copy of "Pantry Full of Sunshine", Larisa's book based on many of the questions she fielded at workshops about her unique solar food dryer and her other energy-saving food preservation methods, like steam-juicing and steam-canning. Our latest co-authored book includes all of "Pantry's" information plus it is greatly expanded to show how food preservation fits into our overall scheme of nourishing ourselves (as vegans, no less) year-round, in a fairly harsh climate. And it is updated with recipes that better reflect our most recent dietary changes, including entirely gluten-free grains, with information on growing and processing home-grown foods of all sorts. At 3 times the content for only twice the price, if you liked "Pantry" you will love this one!

To see an Adobe PDF file of the covers and table of contents, just Click Here.

From the back cover of Feeding Ourselves: This book came about after many decades of trial and error in the quest for real, homegrown, organic local cuisine throughout the entire year. We've been gardening and preserving food to fuel our off-grid homestead lifestyle since the 1970's, determined to sever our reliance on the petrol-fueled American food system. Some of our explorations led to us to rediscover and integrate old methods, like root cellaring, into our routines. Other experiments resulted in the design of our solar food dryer. Our approach to this effort is from a vegan, gluten-free perspective. Over the years, Larisa taught workshops on food preservation, including many summers at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. In 1997, she decided to write a small book, "A Pantry Full of Sunshine" which she self-published to answer the frequently asked questions that couldn't be covered in an hour-long workshop. Now, over a decade later, this little book's limited scope became evident and we felt that there was much more to reveal about how we put food on our table. This seasonal guide features down-home advice from Minnesota. There is a focus on energy efficiency, both in cooking and food preservation. Whether you want to grow and eat vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, or sweeteners, we hope our approach will inspire you to explore feeding yourself, from the ground up. We intend this book to be merely a source of ideas and food for thought. While this is what works for us, it may not suit you, and is not meant to be a detailed plan of action. Feel free to creatively adapt our ways to fit your circumstances. Enjoy the abundance!

184 pages with photos, illustrations, and tables.

Purchasing information on "Feeding Ourselves":

Physical copies of Feeding Ourselves
(above) cost $23.50 each, postpaid in the U.S. (please add $1.38 sales tax if you are ordering in Minnesota), or $20.00 plus shipping elsewhere in the world. Contact us for international shipping costs. All others can simply send a personal check, traveler's check, or postal money order to:

GeoPathfinder/Larisa Walk/Bob Dahse
30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
Winona, MN, 55987-5651

OR: To order a physical copy of "Feeding Ourselves" using PayPal, Click Here. Clicking this takes you (very slowly if you have a dial-up connection) to a new screen with a "Buy Now" button, and this links to PayPal's secure order form where you can pay by credit card, checking account, or an existing PayPal account balance.

OR: To order a downloadable Adobe PDF file of "Feeding Ourselves" for about half price ($10.00), Click Here or the button at the left (requires Adobe Reader to read the download). Clicking this takes you to PayPal's secure order form and gives you a link to the PDF via The file size is 7.53 MB so, depending on your connection speed, it may take some time to download.

Copies of the following book are $12.50 each, postpaid in the U.S. (please add $.86 for sales tax if you're in Minnesota), or $10.00 plus postage elsewhere in the world. Contact us for the international shipping rate.

People's Power Primer was Bob's attempt to demystify the process of understanding, intelligently buying, sizing, and maintaining an off-grid electrical power system, whether it's solar, wind or hydro. Its initial purpose was to help folks who were trying to buy off-grid electrical components but had a hard time conversing with the people selling the stuff. It blossomed into a wider-ranging handbook that helps with purchase, calculation of electrical loads, electrical terminology, conservation techniques, wiring details, site analysis, and system maintenance from generation to storage. And even though it was published in 1999, it contains nothing about preparing for Y2K! When Bob does workshops on basic electricity, this book is used as a follow-up for those wanting to take more personal responsibility for the effects of their power generation. Feedback from educators indicates that it's a great book for introducing the subject to kids. But personal feedback from workshops indicates that even older folks who were too proud to admit it enjoy the ignition of that light bulb of understanding!

From the back cover of People's Power Primer: This is the dawn of a new age in electrical power production. Increasingly, homeowners are producing their own power using devices that capture free, clean, safe, and inexhaustible energy. While the utility companies are just catching on and gearing up, you could be getting wise and "growing you own." But shopping for this stuff, using it wisely, and keeping it running smoothly are a challenge if you can't converse in "tech-speak." Don't let those geeky buzz-words get you down! We'll have you discoursing with dealers directly, happily harvesting heaps of energy, and managing maintenance matters momentarily. With ample visual and verbal cues, and while sidestepping the superfluous, this info-packed booklet will put you in the driver's seat on the Twenty-first Century road to renewables!

  • Purchasing Information on "Peoples' Power Primer":

Please send personal check, traveler's check or postal money order to:

Geopathfinder/Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk                                                                                                                                              30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
Winona, Minnesota, USA  55987-5651

OR: To order a physical copy of the above book using PayPal, Click Here.  Clicking this takes you (very slowly if you have a dial-up connection!) to a new screen with a "Buy Now" button, which links to PayPal's order form where you can pay by credit card, checking account, or an existing PayPal account balance.

Sorry, but this book isn't available as a download
. The original files were such a mucked-up mess of different formats that a conversion to PDF isn't feasible.

  • Multiple book orders:

If you are interested in ordering more than one of our books we can give you a break on both the price and the shipping cost. If you would like multiple copies of a single title, we offer percentage discounts based on quantity. Just click the button at the left or contact us at our Secure account, listed as "bobdowser".

  • Stainless steel screens:

If you need some stainless steel dryer screen, we have been ordering it for dryer workshops in our area, where a group of 10 folks get together to build their own solar dryer. We now also keep woven stainless screen material in stock. Check our Food Preservation page for the latest tips on good sources, many provided by readers of the page.

Or you can order pre-cut screens directly from us.
This type 304 stainless has 12 wires per inch and is shown approximately full-size. We have handled anywhere from .018" wire thickness to .023", but our current stock is .018".

We sell screens for $3.00/ square foot, or $12.00 per 2-by-2 foot dryer screen, plus actual shipping costs to your locale. You can order it by clicking the button at the left, by e-mailing Us Here (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"). There is a minimum order of 2 screens, and because it comes off a 4-foot roll we only sell it in multiples of 2 screens (either 2, 4, 6, etc.). To build a 4-by-4-foot dryer you will need 4 screens, at $48.00 plus shipping.

We normally use USPS for shipping and they offer various shipping options. The slowest and cheapest is "Standard Post". The fastest for the slight increase in cost is "Priority Mail". They also offer next-day Express Mail but it is quite costly. When we send you a quote we include the numbers for Standard Post and Priority Mail, shipping insurance, and the shipping box. Standard Post orders ship every Friday, when we take a trip into town. Priority Mail orders can ship any normal business day since USPS will pick the package up from us.

If you wish to pay for screens using PayPal (which accepts all major credit cards), we can either:

  • Send you a PayPal invoice for your chosen shipping option or,
  • You can pay the total with shipping to our either of our e-mail addresses, listed as "geopathfinder" on or "bobdowser" on, using or, if you don't like online transactions,
  • You can send a check to Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk
    30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
    Winona, MN 55987

    We normally ship orders on Fridays, usually via USPS, when we take a weekly trip to Winona in our electric car.

  • When you receive your screens we recommend washing them in warm, soapy water. Factories ship them covered with a light coating of petroleum-based lubricating oil that is used in the weaving process. It's best to get that off before mounting them in a frame and using them with food.
  • If you need the screens trimmed slightly to recess the screen edges back from the edges of a 2-by-2-foot frame, we recommend using a metal shears. We use a Stanley model with slightly serrated, chrome-moly steel blades that work quite well. The screen edges are sharp so wear gloves!

Our downloads:

Eco-friendly Soil Dynamics
If you are at all interested in soil dynamics, or in how the biological and chemical processes going on in soils pertain to what's going on in your digestive tract, you may be interested in two down-loadable PDF files we offer.

The first one is free. It's an 18-page document called "Soil Dynamics In A Nutshell".

The second PDF will cost you $7.50. It's a 50-page collection of 10 documents, originally offered only to our clients, available via Payloadz and payable via PayPal. The collection includes the following topics and can be downloaded either with the button at the left or by Clicking Here

Energy Production in Plants, 4 pages
Micro-nutrients, 7 pages
Selecting Soil Amendments, 8 pages
Tillage and Residue Management, 4 pages
Phosphorus and Sulfur, 5 pages
Nitrogen and Carbon, 6 pages
Manure Management, 3 pages
Liming by Cation Exchange, 6 pages
Weeds, Insects, and Disease, 5 pages, and
The Ten Most Often Asked Questions About Soil Tests, 2 pages.

A Guide to Geopathic Energy Remediation:

For those who think they are ready to remove geopathic energies from a building, you may want to download our PDF on the topic. We used to have a more general version available for free, but the document has been revised to be much more specific. It is now available as a 6-page document for a fee of $2.50, mostly so that we can keep track of who is using the information. This is a procedure not to be taken lightly, as harmful Earth Energies can be mistakenly re-routed through unintended buildings if you are not careful! You can order using the button at the left or by Clicking Here.

  • Our services:

Getting help with your Soil Test Results:

We can also help you do the math it takes to turn raw soil test data into recommendations for both Organic and Transitional growers. Simply send us the e-mailed results from the lab either by clicking the button on the left or by Clicking Here (or if these links do not work on your computer, simply use our Secure account, listed as "bobdowser"). Attach the file, hopefully including at least the pH, % organic matter, and the levels of P (phosphorus), Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), K (potassium), and C.E.C. (capacity for exchangeable cations).

  • We can give you better recommendations if you also include the sampling depth, soil type, slope and direction of slope, previous crop, intended crop, yield goal, typical seasonal rainfall, and whether or not you will be using irrigation. It also helps if your lab tested for S (sulfur), Na (sodium), Fe (iron), Mn (manganese), Cu (copper), and B (boron).

  • In terms of laboratories to use, we have always relied on A&L Labs in Memphis, TN. We have used both their test "S1M" ($8.00) and test "S3M" ($16.50), but they offer a wide array of testing services. But any lab that gives you details about organic matter, pH, and levels or calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur (at minimum) will do. After we receive your results, we do the calculations to give you recommendations for the application of mineral fertilizers that will balance your soil within the normal range of parameters specified by the late Dr. William Albrecht. And we recommend tillage practices that complement the soil type and materials applied.

  • The cost for this service is $20.00, payable using PayPal. We contact you when the results are ready and send you a PayPal invoice. When we receive notification of payment the results are e-mailed to you.


We offer a number of services for far-flung sufferers of geopathic stress, since our hands-on involvement in an intentional lifestyle precludes much travel. And while we were once able to deal with e-mail and telephone questions about geopathic stress for no charge, the volume of requests has become too great. We simply can no longer maintain our homestead, pay the bills, do our continuing research, and answer all of your queries for free. So, starting October 1, 2008, we have posted PayPal button links that make the payment process for our services as quick and painless as possible. The services we offer include:

     1) FREE REMOTE DOWSING to check for the existence of geopathic energies: This will tell you whether or not geopathic energy is a problem at your site but it will not show the details of exactly where the problem areas might be.

Contact us via e-mail  (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"), or by "snail-mail" at 30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road, Winona, Minnesota 55987, and:

include your name and the exact address or location of your site (home, workplace, whatever).

At our earliest convenience (I get to an internet terminal nearly every day) we will return a list of the quantities and characters of the geopathic Earth Energies passing through your structure. Details about these energy formations can be found on our Earth Energies Page.

I do all of this through a process called remote dowsing, or divination, where I grab a dowsing rod and simply ask questions. If you'd like all the details about how I dowse, just Click Here for a free PDF file download.

Who or what it is that answers these questions is, and may remain, a mystery. Some have told me that I'm using the dowsing rod as a link between my conscious mind and my "higher self". Others have said that they see fairies communicating with me! I call it "talking to the planet". Whatever. All I know is that when I check out a place later "on-site", the results are almost always perfectly identical.
Using this information, I can tell if simply moving your bed is an option or if you'll need some other sort of intervention.

2) PHONE CONSULTS are now available for any questions you have about geopathic or EMF-related stress. We once did these for free, but due to the volume of traffic we get, we now charge $12.50 for a 15-minute block of phone time. The only language we are really fluent in is English, so we hope this works for you!

To reserve your 15-minute block of phone time, just e-mail us to set up a time (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our secure account listed as "bobdowser"). Consultation can commence when we see a payment in PayPal and we have agreed on a mutually suitable time.

Sorry about all the fuss, but there's only so much time in the day!

3) If you'd like a lot more detail, we offer "remote dowsing".

Send a scale drawing or blueprint (or whatever you can muster) of your building to our mailing address:

Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk, 30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road, Winona, Minnesota USA 55987

Please include $50 in US funds (money order, check, or travelers cheque) along with your name and the exact location or address of the site. We'll color-code all of the Earth Energy pathways or formations within the confines of the drawing. Keep in mind that a larger scale drawing yields more accurate results. This option really helps if you're trying to visualize the energy formations and pathways in your area. It makes anything from bed locating to full-scale energy diversion/dissipation a lot easier.

And if you already are accomplished at energy dowsing, our mapping service can help you locate energy pathways you may not yet be aware of. It also helps you visualize where to place diversion devices and where the resulting diverted energies will flow.

If you would prefer to send a digital photo of a drawing by e-mail, just attach it and send it to our e-mail address (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"), and you can either Click Here to make a $50 online payment or click the button at the left.

If you need even more detail about how I do remedial energy work, just click the button at the left or Click Here. This will link you to a PayPal page that allows you to download a Payloadz document called "Geopathic Remediation Techniques", for which you will be charged $2.50.

4) If remote dowsing reveals energy pathways that aren't conducive to furniture moving alone, we can still help at a distance.

The download available at the link button above
gives you instructions on preparation and placement of energy-warping metal rods. Using this information, we can set up a time via e-mail to do a live energy remediation session by phone.

We can set up a time via e-mail (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser") to do a cordless-phone-based remedial session. There's an hourly charge of $50/hour, but if you are well prepared, can follow verbal instruction, don't get too chatty, and the phone connection is good, the work itself usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

To schedule a live energy remediation session by phone, just use the e-mail button above at the left.  Leave your e-mail address or phone number, and we will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time for the process. Then click the button at the left to pay $12.50 for the first 15 minutes of the phone consult.

Questions? E-mail me from the Home Page or click the button at the left, or Click This Link (if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"). Bob D.